Advisors say:

“You got it right. The site is very clean, easy to learn and use. We wish we started our business on this platform.”

“This is exactly what we have unsuccessfully been trying to build for years. Having all of these capabilities and data integrated in one place will transform our business model.”

 “The business development analytics are spot on and can help drive our sales process. Plus, this automation eliminates what is today a very manually intensive process to pull the data, create spreadsheets and then perform the analysis.”


Highly scalable multi-custodial performance reporting and data analytics platform, that can support your firm, whether you manage 100 or 1,000,000 client accounts.


NestEgg, our pioneering private-label online wealth management platform, allows you to create and manage a roboadvisor offering for your clients based on your firm's investment philosophy at your current custodian.


Powerful institutional trading platform supporting Separately Managed Accounts, Unified Managed Accounts and Advisor-Managed Models.  

automated workflows

Automated workflows digitally open client accounts, generate proposals and asset allocations, select investment funds, and approve actions by the appropriate stakeholders in your firm, all supported by electronic signature

Integrated CRM

Holistic client relationship management system that helps you track clients and prospects across major wealth management activities in one place, with analytics providing clarity into what drives your success.


Actionable workflows seamlessly involve your Compliance officers in the approval process, and documents are safely retained according to SEC and FINRA compliance requirements.