Run and Analyze your Business

You are in the business to spend time helping clients and delivering thoughtful investment advice. We get excited about fee billing and compliant document retention. This is why we will make great partners.

INSTITUTIONAL Administrative functionality to support the operations of your firm in a scalable and efficient way.

Modern technologies are great -- innovation creates the best solutions for the complex challenges faced by our industry. However, many modern technologies are a single-point product, resulting in stressful and expensive integrations. Imagine connecting a full scale CRM with householding to an account-centric portfolio management system and a start-up financial planning calculator. No wonder so many advisors are frustrated!

Vanare is different. We are built on a fully institutional lattice that scales from a sole-proprietorship to a 10,000-person independent broker/dealer. First, we support the concept of functional roles, showing different platform capabilities to different types of people at your firm. A compliance officer, a trader and an advisor will see and use different parts of Vanare. Second, we support flexible data entitlements. This implies that an advisor, a branch manager and a business owner will see different levels of data. Vanare's modular, smart approach allows us to naturally work with firms of all sizes.

Based on your customized view, Vanare provides business analytics and segmentation analyses that help understand where to focus time and effort. Additionally, a sophisticated billing system supports the billing of clients and payout calculations to the advisor (including teams/splits), integrated into the custodian. The system can include an unlimited number of billings schedules, as well as precise sleeve and position exclusion management.

With growth comes complexity. Start with the right foundation to help you manage it.