AN INTEGRATEd, Flexible Platform

Vanare offers a comprehensive product-suite for the wealth management lifecycle, built on Roboadvisor DNA. Choose the service model that best fits your firm's size, technology needs and clients.


AN INTEGRATEd, Flexible Platform

Vanare offers a comprehensive product-suite for the wealth management lifecycle, built on Roboadvisor DNA. Choose the service model that best fits your firm's size, technology needs and clients.

We offer the most innovative wealth management platform in the industry.

Let's find the right way to work together. Our service model is flexible: our clients can use the full offering across their entire business, or select the product module that fits their needs best.



Catalyze profitable growth for financial advisors through innovative technology, leading to enhanced client service, long-lasting relationships, and higher enterprise value

Value to Advisor

  • Serve both traditional and roboadvisor clients using a seamless, integrated platform
  • Increase operational efficiency and leverage, growing the value of the business
  • Focus on relationships with fully digital client onboarding, account management and flexible workflows


  • Portfolio management
  • Trading and rebalancing
  • Client website and roboadvisor
  • Investment policy statements
  • Online account opening
  • Billing and Compliance



Empower advisors to scale their digital offering and serve the next generation, using the advisor’s brand and investment philosophy

Value to Advisor

  • Provide a rich client experience online to all of your clients
  • Serve smaller accounts algorithmically
  • Connect with the next generation of investors
  • Segment your client base


  • Customizable models, asset classes and questionnaires
  • Private-labeled client portal
  • Online account opening, supporting ACH and ACAT
  • Investment analytics
  • Performance reporting
  • Advisor platform for prospect and client management



Help advisors jumpstart relationships with a fast, intuitive, and straight-through online account opening workflow

Value to Advisor

  • Reduce paperwork overhead and free up your time
  • Eliminate “Not In Good Order” forms
  • Enhance the client experience by improving service and speed


  • Support for 14 different account types, including individual, joint, IRA and trust accounts
  • Choice of electronic signature or validated printed documents
  • Full visibility into process with easy-to-track dashboards
  • Custodian and advisor documents easily combined into a single digital envelope



Empower financial institutions to build powerful client and advisor applications and workflows using our blazing API

Value to Advisor

  • Reduce time-to-market for a roboadvisor or bionic-advisor
  • Have your team fully develop and control the client experience while leveraging our infrastructure
  • Administer your custom solution with our enterprise-scale platform


  • Full Vanare | NestEgg functionality to track, analyze and support your custom end-client front-ends
  • Online account opening
  • Customizable questionnaire
  • Functions available for each element of user experience
  • RESTful API / JSON format
  • User authentication via Oauth2



Make client billing and advisor payout a breeze, enabling firms of any complexity to intuitively manage the billing workflow

Value to Advisor

  • Effortlessly set up fee schedule defaults to automate billing for advisors and clients
  • Simplify your operations with billing settings that are easy to understand and track
  • Review data and audit calculations for full transparency


  • Quarterly and on-demand billing
  • Client and advisor fee schedules
  • Support for Household-level pricing with flexible tiers
  • Automated hierarchy of defaults
  • Ability to exclude from billing securities, sleeves and accounts
  • Support for UMAs and SMAs



We want to make sure that Vanare helps with yours success. We provide a wide range of consulting services targeted at improving your financial advisory business. Our team is comprised of industry professionals that have a deep knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a wealth manager. Furthermore, we understand the levers needed to achieve growth and scale, and the technology catalysts that go with it.


Vanare executives often participate in speaking engagements and conferences across the wealth management industry. If your organization is working on integrating online technology into an existing wealth management practice, is interested in how Millienials invest, or what to do about the intergenerational wealth transfer, we can help drive thought leadership and innovation through white papers, presentations and townhalls.

Technology consulting

Our experts review your current technology offering and deliver straightforward, actionable advice on how to improve the efficiency of your business using software. We can also help you deploy the Vanare platform in your business, by selling the solution internally and integrating it with other key elements of your technology strategy. We also provide training and support services to bring your staff up to speed and deliver a smooth transition for our highly effective infrastructure.

Management consulting

As a business owner, you face multiple complex corporate decisions – from strategy, to fund-raising and mergers and acquisitions. Vanare professionals understand the wealth management landscape, having held senior management positions at large wealth management firms. We help advisors assess their corporate choices and select the best strategy going forward. We provide a team of highly qualified consultants that deliver an unbiased assessment of your business, review it across product, marketing, sales and compliance, and provide specific actionable recommendations to drive value.