Your Roboadvisor, your Nestegg

Keep up with the rapidly growing Roboadvisors by surpassing them on technology. With NestEgg, we provide a fully-integrated online wealth management platform as part of Vanare. Educate and serve individuals of any asset level with holistic solutions available online, anytime, at your client's demand.

NestEgg empowers advisors to scale their digital offering and serve the next generation, using their firm's brand and investment philosophy.

We provide model portfolio building, trading/rebalancing, account opening and full client management functionality to support your online channel. We integrate directly with your custodian to automate and scale your business, providing operational leverage and a next-generation solution.


It is difficult to provide scalable solutions in a cost effective way, while delivering sophisticated and tailored advice. Clients are looking for on-demand information and expertise, stretching thin valuable resources at the firm. Firms have historically turned away clients based on asset levels and struggled serving smaller friends and family accounts. Technology was reserved for the back office and the middle office, but not for true client engagement. However, client expectations have changed. The rise of online-only RIAs has proven the viability of a new business model.

We invite you to join the online wealth management revolution.


Product Features

NestEgg is a plug-and-play solution that is private-labeled with a fully configurable investment philosophy, investment profiling system, and branding. You can customize the investment models and recommendations, and select the modules your clients will see.

Clients and prospects visit the website, get tailored portfolio recommendations based on your models, and perform sophisticated analytics, like back-testing and Monte Carlo simulations. They then can choose to open a new account directly or get in touch with an advisor. The online account opening process is made available for Compliance review and approval, with all documents securely stored. Once the account is open, the asset allocation can be implemented through our robust trading integrations. Ongoing tracking of holdings and performance keeps your clients engaged with your firm and brand. You can easily track and maintain relationships through the robust client management capabilities of the Vanare platform.



Tangible Benefits

Our approach allows your firm the opportunity to serve clients of any size. Deep functionality keeps people engaged and satisfied, improving client relationships. With NestEgg, you can keep all households happy and fully served, while saving costs by improving workflow and creating true scalability in your business.