Vanare, a next-generation wealth management technology platform for registered investment advisors (RIAs) that seamlessly integrates online and traditional wealth management solutions, announced today that it has partnered with North Capital, a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor firm that offers financial planning services to high-net-worth clients. The partnership will enable the delivery of sophisticated financial advice to clients at any wealth level simply and conveniently through web and mobile goal-based planning.

Utilizing Vanare's flexible platform, North Capital, which provides advisory services and discretionary investment management to individuals, families and institutions, will introduce a new brand,, to offer clients its suite of wealth management services both digitally and in-person. North Capital selected Vanare's platform because it intuitively integrates the advisory firm's established planning and advisory methodology with client onboarding workflows without requiring major process re-engineering.  

Rich Cancro, Chief Executive Officer of Vanare, said, "North Capital is an innovative, thought-leading investment advisor pioneering new ways to help a broader scope of clients. We're excited to form this new relationship following our acquisition of NestEgg Wealth. Our partnership with North Capital along with other new ventures validates our strategic decision to integrate NestEgg into the Vanare ecosystem and become the first ever online wealth management platform to deliver a broad advice offering that includes goals-based financial planning for clients such as North Capital."

Jim Dowd, CEO of North Capital, said, "North Capital is delighted to be working with Vanare to introduce our planning and wealth management solutions in an online format, through the Evisor platform. Since our formation, we have looked for new ways to deliver useful financial advice and cost-effective investment management services to our clients. Central to our approach is the ability to relate a client's savings and investments to their cash flow needs and goals in an intuitive and actionable way. Our partnership with Vanare will allow us to offer our capabilities to an even broader array of prospective clients, while continuing to reduce fees and expenses."

The partnership will allow investors to set their financial goals online, which will then be combined with a behavioral risk questionnaire to create and implement an asset allocation based on North Capital's proprietary investment approach. The platform will provide clients objective analysis, actionable recommendations, and investment management services that are free of conflicts and competitively priced. The offering will be available to clients of any investable asset amount, further democratizing the financial planning industry.

About Vanare

Vanare is a next-generation wealth management platform that helps investment advisors grow their business. As the only technology platform to natively integrate Online Wealth Management, CRM and Portfolio Management in a seamless solution, Vanare offers RIAs a comprehensive, integrated experience with flexibility across workflows, data and usability, empowering advisors to aggregate assets by deepening the client relationship through both traditional face-to-face advice and completely digital, low-touch interaction. Founded by a team of experienced and creative financial and technology executives, Vanare is developing the most powerful and scalable platform for the investment advisor community. To learn more about Vanare, visit:, or contact: info@vanare.com212-858-0575.

About North Capital Inc.

North Capital Inc. is a fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA) providing financial planning, advisory services, and discretionary investment management to individuals, families, and institutional investors. North Capital has over 100 clients and 400 discretionary accounts. Founded in 2008, North Capital has offices in San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Benicia, CA. To learn more about North Capital, visit: