Manage Your Clients

Vanare helps you more efficiently manage and service your clients -- whether they come from a traditional or roboadvisor channel. Just add a human touch!

Your clients' financial, communication, operational and relationship information are combined in a single profile.

Vanare takes the complexity of your client needs and unifies them in a clear profile to help you keep moving the relationship forward. You can combine financial accounts to create households that track the client relationship as you see fit. Each profile shows holdings, transactions and the appropriate asset allocation. Customized and branded performance reports can be run on a calendar and ad-hoc basis.  

Operational alerts show which relationships need your attention, and are ready to invest. Using Vanare, you can trade and rebalance client accounts, separately managed accounts, unified managed accounts and advisor-managed models.  A powerful dashboard summarizes all the relevant information across your firm, and delivers key workflows to save you time and money. We bring your data to life.