Grow Your Practice

As the only comprehensive wealth management platform with roboadvisor DNA, we are very focused on creating growth in your business. Why else would you hire us?

Let's double the size of your business while reducing your cost

Vanare is a premier suite of tools for growth, customizable for your branding, investment philosophy and operational process. Upload your portfolio models and investment instruments, and we will generate risk-appropriate models for your prospects. Provide your onboarding questionnaire, and it will be integrated into an interactive Investment Policy Statement that powers both traditional proposals and your roboadvisor.

Interested in a fully-online account opening process? Seamlessly open 14 different types of accounts using our integrated electronic signature solution, and track the status of the prospect. Operational dashboard will tell you and your staff whether the account has been signed by the client, the advisor, and approved by Compliance. Integrated document storage saves all of the materials, is fully compliant with SEC and FINRA rules, and is quickly available from prospect and client profiles.

Interested in a private-label roboadvisor? Leveraging your core investment philosophy, account opening process and operational model, Vanare delivers a roboadvisor consistent with your brand and position in the marketplace. See the NestEgg section to learn more here.

Vanare is here to help you grow. We track and measure each step along the way, so you know what activities create the most leverage. And for everything else, there's automation and workflows.